Papyrus Library Administration System

Papyrus is a comprehensive Library system that provides a range of features suitable for simple school libraries to complex public libraries. Using the latest design tools from the Microsoft development environment, the features of Papyrus include flexibility, an excellent user-friendly interface, a complete set of comprehensive reports, easy report writing, and sophisticated searching.

The package consists of three sections namely: the Back Office System; Front Office System and OPAC.

Back Office System

The Back Office System provides the library staff with all that is required to administer the library system i.e. stock, members, trading days, Marc codes, etc.

Front Office System

The Front Office System deals with the issuing and returning of stock, fast and efficient searching for members, handling due dates and fines as well as the ability to issue receipts for moneys received.

OPAC Cataloguing

Designed for ease of use, this system allows the member of the library access to cataloguing information in Papyrus.

The Developer

Parity Software is proud of Papyrus Library System and is constantly striving to remain responsive to your needs. Recipient of numerous awards, Parity strives to provide Intelligent Business Solutions

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